I got a paper into FAST'15

새벽에  FAST'15 학회로부터 논문 채택메일을 받았다. 긴가민가 해서 한참을 메일을 뒤적였다.
camera-ready와 발표준비가 기다리고 있지만, 잘되길 바라면서..

== 메일 본문 중.. ==
Dear Jaeho Kim,

The 13th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST '15)
program committee is delighted to inform you that your paper #89 has been
accepted to appear in the conference.

Title: Towards SLO Complying SSDs Through OPS Isolation
Authors: Jaeho Kim (University of Seoul)
              Donghee Lee (University of Seoul)
              Sam H. Noh (Hongik University)

Your paper was one of 28 accepted out of 130 submissions. Congratulations!


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